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The Creative Cave

group research and renewal

A group effort in creative renewal!
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Here is my idea:

Explaining this is really hard though, stick with me for a moment. I have friends who craft, some who use art as their medium, some have photography, others it's writing. Some have no particular obvious creativity outlet, and that's fine too. The thing about it is, I've noticed I get stuck in a rut with my creativity, thus this goal.

The idea is on each day start with a new topic. Choose an era, choose a country, choose a planet, choose a feeling, just choose something and research it. For example, if you were to pick the 1920's, then pick a country, maybe a gender, maybe fashion, history, color, art, money, culture, etc... really delve deep into that topic for the day and see what you can learn from it. The purpose is to look to others for their ways and means to see if can be adapted into whatever purposes. To think outside our box. To not be so ethnocentristic possibly.

With each day of new points of view, I figure we can be refreshed in our creative spirits.

Anyone interested?

The usual rules to community behavior apply. If rules need to be established they will be added below.

As for now, the only request is to post any content inappropriate to youngsters as a locked post behind a cut. Any links to that content used in comments should also labed as such.